You have the wrong Kate Doyle

Apparently there are lots of Kate Doyle’s in the world and many of them think that my email address is their email address.

A few times a week, I get emails for these other Kate Doyles. Some personal. Some professional. Some dating site password resets. Jokes, recipes, party invites, christian book club invites. I get it all.

I can’t help but wonder how many times the other KD’s answer “why didn’t you respond to my email?” with “… I didn’t get it”.


About me:

My name is Kate Doyle.

I go by Kate. Not Katie (unless you’re my dad) or Katherine or any variation thereof.

I’m currently 28.

I live in Canada.

I am not christian, or a model, or shopping for a new home.

I probably don’t want to go to your party or book club.


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