123.ie Confirmation of Policy Number


There was a very stern disclaimer about not reposting this email if received in error, so I’ll just give you the idea of it.I don’t know that they’d ever actually care though because this is the second time they’ve sent me this policy and the second time I’ve let them know that they have the wrong Kate.


Kate from Ireland (Catherine on official docs) has a new car insurance policy.

Fun facts:

We both drive ford vehicles, albeit hers is a little more exciting  – mine is a wagon and hers is a Fiiiiiiiiiiessssta*!

We have both been driving for over 9 year and were born in the same year. 

Her insurance, with the exchange rate factored in, is much more expensive than mine.




*I googled that image after writing… that car is definitely not any more of a party than my wagon.




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