Self improvement

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated (life, am I right?!)

This week I’ve received two different emails for two other Kate Doyle’s, oddly enough both stemming around body image. I suppose the timing is appropriate considering every muscle I have is currently protesting the workout I got from TreeGo yesterday.

The first is for teeth whitening:

HI Kate

Thanks for your email.
Not really recommending Zoom! by itself as the whitening does not last as long as Deep whitening or Kor whitening.
Deep whitening is a combination of home and laser whitening – the process is more involved but the results are amazing.
The cost is $1400. Not all teeth are suitable for this treatment.
Let me know if you would like a complimentary discussion to see if your teeth are suitable.
Kind regards

I’m pretty fond of my teeth and am not at all into this idea.

The second email is for another Kate D’s new gym membership. I won’t post the scans they sent because there is a fair amount of personal information (and have been deleted), but Kate from California has joined a 24/hr gym. I’ve got to say, her gym membership seems like it offers way more perks than my own, at half the price. Also, it turns out she signs her name the exact same way I do – which again, I won’t post because that would be weird. It’s very similar though. It also makes me feel like I should work out more. 24 hour gym? When would I fit in my naps?

A little story, my dad’s name is also fairly common. I remember going to the blockbuster (countdown to feeling old in 3..2..1…. remember when we had to go to the store to rent movies?!) and after we got home that we had been given the wrong card back. Someone with the exact same name was there at the exact same time. What are the odds? Probably pretty good, all things considered! Someone mentioned to me that I was possibly outing a Kate D or two, based on topics or parts of emails. I suppose that might be the case, except I’m of the mindset that the whole idea of the blog is that there are many people who all share the same name. For the most part in this blog, I take out the identifiers (although, sometimes something may not seem obvious to me – in which case, please let me know!), aside from city/country. I do this to keep things light – I, obviously, don’t want to be the cause of any weird feelings (especially with my namesake!), I just always found it interesting how many random emails I get and chose to document it. Thoughts?


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