In “weird timing” news, this morning I received the email from the previous post right after I had sent another letting them know that they had the wrong person again.

Just got this reply:

Dear Kate,

As per my previous email, we have today removed your email address from the client’s policy and from any further marketing material. Thanks for the Tweet also, in this instance you are the wrong Kate.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Department on {phone number}. 

Kind regards,



I like to think that Rebekah was smiling a little when she replied (or, she thinks I’m a jerk). Also, kind of curious how she discovered the tweet, but that is a mystery for another day.

In “weird timi…


I received this a couple years ago, but it’s my favourite

subject: saying hello

Hi Kate i hope this message  gets through to you. just come up to browse pea soup ready i am starving .I have not heard from Derek since i EMAILED him. here is a joke for you a man bought two goldfish he named them one and two when one died he still had two ha. ha.see if i can get this sent.

I received this…